At last

Hello World,

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but at last the day has come. I’ve finally gotten around to putting my thoughts out into cyberspace. Hopefully this serves as motivation for me to do some writing to synthesize my thoughts on what I’ve been learning. I hope to be challenged and have some great discussions. Topics may jump around a lot but there will probably be a lot related to software testing, since that’s what I do for most of my waking week and probably a lot on self-education, since that’s the point of this blog, to help further my self-education.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the thoughts I have to share and I hope you share yours with me. Let’s learn together…


About David Slick

Agile software QA and delivery manager, trying to learn all I can, think critically, and build great software. View all posts by David Slick

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