I am currently testing and managing testing at an enterprise R&D software company, working with a fantastic team, building solutions for scientists in pharma, energy, chemical, manufacturing, etc.

In my college years, I developed my taste for the bug hunt as a test intern. Prior to that experience I had never heard of professional software testing. I was hooked then and have been helping slay bugs ever since. I hope to use this love of exploring software to make the world a better place, even one bug at a time.

I take the craft of software testing very seriously. I am saddened that so many testers before me have laid a path of ignorance and unskilled work such that my craft has been demeaned and my position despised. I believe that has been changing in our industry and am thankful for those testers who have come before me whom have worked tirelessly to undo the damage that was done and have given so much back to the software and testing communities. Software testing is a skilled position that requires constant revision and addition of skills. I have outlined my thoughts on this in more detail here.

I have a large appetite for knowledge. I want to learn the lessons others have already learned and build upon the knowledge we’ve accumulated over centuries and contribute something significant back to the world.

I am a student of the Context-Driven School of Software Testing, and hold context as paramount to understanding and solving problems.

I am a signatory of the Agile Manifesto and share the values it outlines.

I hold a B.S in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Bioinformatics with a minor in Computer science. See my LinkedIn profile for more.


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