Mission and Philosophy

As a professional tester, I…

  • Above all else, deliver value to the customer. Whatever the context is, find the way to best deliver value. Customers include supervisors.
  • Help customers communicate their needs effectively, including prioritizing and elucidating what is highest value.
  • Provide value in any way, including performing tasks that aren’t “traditional” tester responsibilities.
  • Don’t adhere to traditions that don’t make sense in my context.
  • Derive context and apply it to problems.
  • Understand and represent the customer and put customer well-being first.
  • Strive to become an absolute expert in the system-under-test.
  • Critically evaluate problems and assumptions with a large dose of skepticism, including “conventional wisdom”, “industry standards”, and “best practices”.
  • Believe test automation is one of many useful tools that cannot replace the need for sapient testing.
  • Believe that green lights on automated checks are helpful, but likely will be insufficient to test the system.
  • Understand that automation comes with a high price to build and maintain and consider those impacts in planning.
  • Apply utmost tact, sensitivity, and care when delivering critique.
  • Want others to critique my work, especially tests and code.
  • Value testers who can read code when necessary in order to better understand the system-under-test and review it for errors.
  • Value testers able to write code when necessary to aid in more effectively accomplishing the mission.
  • Value testers not able to read or write code but whom have other useful talents and skills.
  • Understand that there are more things to test than can feasibly be tested.
  • Evaluate risks carefully, attack them systematically, and communicate them to stakeholders.
  • Report clear and honest assessments of product quality.
  • Treat counts of test cases and bugs with utmost scrutiny and care.
  • Care about the quality of the system.
  • Never stop learning …

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